What maybe causing running Injuries

I’ve had almost every running injury under the sun. One week before the Dubai Marathon in 2007 my Achilles heel went and i was injured for three months, that year i also had shin splints and issues with my knee. Also in my earlier years around the age of Twelve, I had issues with shin splints, which were fixed with orthotics (Small insoles with an arch).

Working as a Personal Trainer and Running Bootcamps, you get to see how many runners out there are injured. But are they injured from running or are they, like i was, injured from not wearing the right shoes for their feet/gait?

Several years down the line and moving back to a neutral shoe (or whatever pair of Nike’s are the loudest and brightest at the time!). I am running longer distances again but having problems with my ankle. It felt like i was Over pronating again, because whenever i walked on the outside of my foot the pain went away completely.

I decided i’d had enough of this ankle injury so i went to Athletes foot, a specialist foot-store and had a full gait analysis done. By standing on a pressure sensitive pad, the technician is able to determine where each foot bears the most pressure. My foot shape, arch, balance and walking gait were all figured in several stages. This established imbalances and uncovered how much cushioning I would require in a shoe to keep my foot in allignment. When your repeating a movement thousands of time’s as you do when you run, one small discrepancy can make a massive difference.


My new Brooks adrenaline GTX-12 trail beasts

This year I am running the Houslow classic  68km Ultra marathon Through the Blue Mountains on the 9th October. Im sure my shoes will have a massive impact on not only getting through this event but arriving there injury free. I would highly recommend getting your gait analysed before you go out and run, its an investment now that may save you those expensive trips to the Physio down the line.

Happy Running.


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