Unconditional love

Sometimes a difficult choice comes,

where we must lessen our grasp,

on someone we love,

Maybe then we can see with clarity,

How much is attachment,

How much is selfless love


Can we love them from a distance,

love to see them grow,

love to see them happy,

can we love this person without condition,

or must they belong to us for this ‘love’ to flourish


Can we love them,

even though at times it hurts,

knowing what is best for them

Could we love them enough,

to see them happy with another,

to realize all is ephemeral,

that relationships arise and pass,

that it was never our right to own


Can we love so unconditionally,

as to transcend relationship,

fully accept and integrate them into our lives,

into something far greater,

far deeper


Can we love them like a sister, brother, mother, father loves us,

no matter what

Can we decide that loving them is the most important thing,

whatever form that takes,


can we make this our solitary lifelong aim,

can we put this importance above all else

This can be the only true love,

non dependent of any factor, absolute purity,

this is the only love people deserve

Can we be so totally selfless,

Yes, Yes we can,

if our love is true.


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