Rocky mountain path

Up and up rocky mountain path,
Clouds ease past,
Mist blurred lakes, streams, forest
Heard but not seen,
How mysterious,

Where do they hide?


Grass is weather browned,
I Inspire fresh, unbreathed air,
Birds jolly,

Just me and my dwindling thoughts,
Unending silence, solace, bliss,
Worries far from the still mind,
In harmony with the land,

I walk up and up rocky mountain path,
Heart pulsating with life, love
Soul nourished, replenished.

By Bree, boulders, I stride,
Past moss ravaged walls,
overladen, enlightened trees,
I wander into the abyss,
O seeker of plentitude.

Travellers don’t come in this season,
Weather too hostile, unforgiving,
Through dark forests I roam,
Toward white shining mother,

Weather intensifies, closes in,
Hugs me tight,
Utterance of the vast,

Night falls,
I camp by golden volcanic rim,
Lone star,
Racing across moonless sky.


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